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A Swiss Apple a Day Keeps the Wrinkles Away

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We all know that human stem cells are huge in medical research due to their ability to turn into and cell in the body. However the law banned the use of embryonic stem cells in cosmetics. So, instead, researches found that plant stem cells, such as Swiss apples, have the same properties as human stem cells. The super apple, Uttwiler Spatlauber, is a Swiss apple known for it’s ability to stay fresh for up to four months after being harvest. Scientists wanted to see if  it had any effect on the longevity of human cells.  They found that the apple stem cells had a positive influence on the vitality of the skin stem cells, they made them more efficient and they can live longer. Swiss apple stem cells are now used in skin creams to eliminate wrinkles and make skin look younger. Big celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Helen Mirren, and Jennifer Lopez are known to use Swiss apple stem cells...

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Perks of Small Primary Care Practices

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Can small primary care practices be better than large practices? Researchers compares hospital admission rates for small versus large practices and here’s what they found. New research shows that small primary care practices have lower rates of preventable hospital admissions than larger practices. Practices with 1-2 physicians had 33 percent fewer preventable hospital admissions compared with practices with 10 to 19 physicians; practices with three to nine physicians had 27 percent fewer admissions. Researchers noted that long-standing assumptions have held that larger medical practices provide better care — in part, because they have more resources. Study authors suggest that small practices could have hard-to-measures perks such as better physician/patient relationships that contribute to their ability to keep patients healthy. To read the whole article click...

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Skin Tips as Easy as 1-2-3

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It doesn’t take expensive products to have beautiful glowing skin. These simple steps will help you get the healthy skin you need! 1. Wash  A daily scrub or two will do. Everyday soap and water will remove all the dirt, sweat, and dead cells that accumulate. Using a mild, unscented soap with moisturizing properties is the safest and healthiest way to wash your skin. Don’t overdo it though, you don’t want to disturb you skin’s natural lubrication. 2. Moisturize Hot showers will dry out your skin, so you can take a warm shower but for no more than 10 mins. After stepping out of the shower, always use your preferred moisturizing product for a soft and smooth skin; you could even use white petroleum jelly. And of course, don’t forget to drink lots of water!!!! 3. Protect Using a sunscreen of at least SPF 20 with UVA and UVB protection will give you the protection your skin needs. Too much exposure to UV rays can lead to freckles, wrinkles, discoloration, moles, and skin cancer. Reapply sunscreen as need throughout the day....

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