A Swiss Apple a Day Keeps the Wrinkles Away

We all know that human stem cells are huge in medical research due to their ability to turn into and cell in the body. However the law banned the use of embryonic stem cells in cosmetics. So, instead, researches found that plant stem cells, such as Swiss apples, have the same properties as human stem cells. The super apple, Uttwiler Spatlauber, is a Swiss apple known for it’s ability to stay fresh for up to four months after being harvest. Scientists wanted to see if it had any effect on the longevity of human cells. They found that the apple stem cells had a positive influence on the vitality of the skin stem cells, they made them more efficient and they can live longer. Swiss apple stem cells are now used in skin creams to eliminate wrinkles and make skin look younger. Big celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Helen Mirren, and Jennifer Lopez are known to use Swiss apple stem cells products.

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