Director, Lake Shore Skin Health

Dr. Dadivas is a family practice physician with a specialty focus on elderly dermatologic care. He understands the impact and importance of healthy skin, which can profoundly affect a patient’s health and quality of life.

Dr. Dadivas has been treating patients with abnormal skin lesions, non-healing wounds and rashes for many years. In some patients, who have impaired functional status or deficiency in their daily activities due to an open wound on their foot, leg or back, Dr. Dadivas knows that often by just healing their wounds, he can take away his patients suffering and enable them to dramatically regain function and quality of life again.

In keeping with new treatments and patient preferences, Dr. Dadivas also offers Anti-Aging Facial Treatments (e.g Botox, Wrinkle Fillers, Microdermabrasion, Laser Hair Removal and Acne Treatment.)

Dr. Dadivas believes that when patients have a healthy skin they will also feel more self confidence, happiness and good spirit. “The more we smile, the longer our life expectancy will likely be,” says Dr. Dadivas.