Scientists and doctors have known for years that there is more than one methodology to help patients successfully achieve wellness.

That’s why at ASAP Wellness Center, we provide Integrative Medicine Services which combines the use of conventional Western Medicine with complementing alternative therapies (e.g. Oriental or Eastern Medicine.)

We emphasize treating the whole person — bio-psycho-socio-spiritual dimensions -OR Body-Mind-Spirit — with a focus on wellness and health rather than just treating diseases.

Our integrative medicine practice also considers external factors that can affect one’s health like the environment and foods we eat. In fact, ASAP Wellness Center patients have found this expanded methodology and broader approach generates better results toward achieving consistent wellness particularly where there has been serious health challenges (e.g. cardiac illness, cancer, or poor dietary or nutrition habits.)
Dr. Suesakul, our leading physician, earned his Integrative Medicine Certification from Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. He has also partnered with Cristina Torres, L.Ac, MSOM, MD of Integral Alternative Medicine LLC – one of the most well known Complementary and Alternative Medicine practices in Chicago.

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